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Connect Mentors

Connect Mentors™ is a social recruitment platform, matching employees from progressive organisations as mentors with people seeking out access, insight, and opportunities, facilitating the placement of new and diverse talent and a network of long-lasting connections.



Thrive™ enhances employee-retention, through engagement and efficiency, by facilitating knowledge-sharing within an organisation. This is done through an internal mentoring programme, collaboration over mission and project execution.



Tipi app is an authentic source of information for young people about the journey from school into the workplace, using features that are engaging and encourage them to Talk, Inspire, Prepare and Involve others – all supporting them to follow their passion.


elina app

elina provides support for people in the tracking and management of longterm pain, in collaboration with a team of doctors, professionals and close friends - their chosen ‘e-team’. elina turns the recording and management of pain into a positive activity, alleviating the impact for people on their professional and personal lives.



Thinkg is a campaign and brand that stands for positivity, encouraging people to do their own thing and respond positively to challenges, whether in support of their professional or personal development.